Jihad and the Darkside

David Mark Conflict, Identity, Syria

Shai and I discuss the current security changes in Judea and Samaria.  At the heart of the security situation is the fact that the government is not ready to fight Jihad at its core and that is with expelling those who are pushing violence. We also cover the growing clash between Turkey and Russia and its broader context within the global …

Last War

The Last War

David Mark Activism, Conflict, Podcasts

In today’s podcast we cover what I call the Last War.  Yesterday’s and today’s news headlines are rife with speculation that Turkey’s downing of a Russian fighter jet changed the nature of the Syrian conflict.  It brings the regional and factional struggle to a new phase and will begin to destabilize not only Syria to a far more dangerous situation, …


Jews Check the “Other” Box

Hila Hershkoviz Activism

The age old “struggle” many Jews undergo when marking their ethnicity on application forms is actually one of major significance. But prior to understanding the ramifications of clarifying our identity before the eyes of the world, we must first clarify it to ourselves: Semites and not white Jewish origins, identity and history are clearly separate from those of the “white …


“This is Really About Justice” An Interview with Natan Epstein

David Mark Activism, Podcasts

I had the pleasure and privilege to interview Natan Epstein, founder of Uncensored. Natan is one of the most dedicated guys I know and it is not a surprise that his Facebook page and Telegram channel are taking off and changing the way people viewing Israel. We have a serious challenge here in Israel getting the news out to the …


The Nation of our Fathers

Avraham Nurin Thought

What is a nation?  According to the Oxford Dictionary a nation is: “a large body of people united by common descent, history, culture, or language inhabiting a particular state or territory.”  Currently, due to unfortunate circumstances of our exile from our home land, the Jewish people do not seem to fit this definition. It is true that we are all …


Recycling bottles to redeem Jerusalem

Tuvia Ariel Activism, Identity, Jerusalem

Originally published on HaKol HaYehudi. Aryeh Blumberg gathers bottles for recycling and donates the money to buy homes in Jerusalem. Aryeh Blumberg lives in Maale Adumim and works as a plumber. In recent years Blumberg has also begun collecting bottles for Jerusalem. He collects bottles for recycling and the money he receives he gives to Ateret Cohanim to redeem property in …


Obama and His Plan to Islamify Jerusalem

David Mark Conflict, Jerusalem, Thought

There is nothing more central as a focal point to Jews and Christians than the Temple Mount.  It is the place where Jews pray towards three times a day.  The Temple Mount is the site where the first and second Holy Temples once stood, and the third is to be rebuilt in the future, ushering in peace throughout the world. …