Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Yosef Rising

It happens quickly.  One leader falls and another begins to rise to the challenge. 

We are standing in what is known as Yemot HaMashiach Ben Yosef.   The days of Mashiach ben Yosef. Within this era there is a paradigm being played out...the Shaul vs. David relationship is unfolding before us.  Every leadership transition has to have this paradigm and we now see it taking place.

Bibi who believes he is the predetermined leader set to herald a State of Israel that is both accepted and strong represents the finest of the previous ruling order, but that is what it is; a ruling class that does not see itself as having a divine mandate, but is satisfied in ruling for the sake of ruling. No matter how much he wants to do the right thing, Bibi is a product of a State of Israel without redemption as it's goal.  This is Shaul who could not defeat Amalek, because he could not differentiate between his rule as the King of Israel and that of another King. 

Then there is Naftali Bennett. He has been outside the system, connected to the new world; the one which is leaving behind the constrictive nature of our hegemonic world order.  Hi Tech success, grass roots leader, young and forward thinking.  He is of course the former Chief of Staff for Bibi and now he is rising.  His role is that of the David within the quest to be Mashiach ben Yosef. He offers a course towards a redemptive paradigm.  Technology and Spirit.  A true tikkun instead of continued malaise driven by empty words and slogans. He is set to take the mantle of Mashiach ben Yosef from the Shaul.

The country is changing.  Old ways are melting, barriers falling, something new is happening, a Yosef is rising and rising very fast.


  1. Could be, or he might just be another flash in the pan like, l'havdil, Shinui and Kadima

  2. I sure hope your vision is correct. I feel like this storm is signaling something big for Israel. Alot, alot meod, of water is bathing the Land of Israel, to give rise to nourishing green grass. This could hold us for years. Maybe all this water is to fortify us for what is coming soon. Thoughts, feelings, time will tell.

  3. I commented on Jeremy's Knesset Insider on the Times of Israel poll which showed that with two weeks left, 31% of the electorate is undecided.

    The Times of Israel poll specifically mentioned that 31% of the voters are undecided. So all the numbers are projections based on real numbers which are 31% less for each party. A 31% undecided spread at this time before the election is a volatile percentage. Most of those undecided voters are likely moving further to the right. Labor and Kadima voters will now shift to Likud. And many Likud voters will likely vote now for Bayit Yehudi. The shift is on, and voters are thinking about their shift rightward.

    Then this: Actually, from my understanding of how polling sampling works, The Times of Israel is saying that more center-left people than center-right people are undecided in this election. This means that the center-left population is changing its mind or confused right now. Now they may end up voting for the center-left or left wing party that they have voted for in the past. Yet, many will likely shift rightward. After the Gaza “surrender” in order to live within the world’s rules of military engagement, there are a lot of left leaning people who are rethinking whether it is a good idea to have our rules of engagement defined by world public opinion. They would rather follow a system of rules which allows us to actually win wars when we are bombarded with missiles. They have not yet concluded that they would rather follow “G-d’s rules of engagement” rather than humanity’s rules. But Bayit Yehudi beckons for them to at least think about it. The thought of taking on an entire world which might be totally wrong because it usually is wrong anyway is frightening for Leftists. “I lift up my eyes onto the mountains, from where will my help come?” It is scary to think about from where our help will come, and it causes much confusion for those who don’t believe that G-d would actually side with them against the entire world.

    So they are confused and undecided right now. Besides simply depending on G-d to take on the world, many of them refuse to believe in an omniscient and omnipotent G-d of Israel. They can't accept the amount of suffering in Jewish History in order to believe in such a Being who would have allowed that suffering. My sense tells me that we will need a pre-election "event" to force them to take this scary next step.

  4. I hope your optimism is contagious.