Sunday, 21 July 2013

The Fallen King

There were so many pieces of Torah I wanted to write, but news has swept them away.

What do we do when our leader or King falls?  To give into the nations of the world, to succumb to the blindness of doubt, what hope is there for a leader who reverses course and releases terrorists just to sit at a table with another terrorist?

Our task is not to judge. After all the King of Israel is the heart of the nation and in our imperfect return all of our "kings" have been just that; a reflection of the level of the Nation itself.  We cannot judge for we are not standing where he is standing, in the test he has been given.

The Land of Israel is a whole entity.  It is one.  There is no division that can scar it, nor politician that can relinquish it.  Every Jew that settles the Land of Israel performs more than just a mitzvah, but expands the border of the Kingdom of Israel. Yet we live here in an imperfect entity, where many of us are enamored with the allure of present comforts, without the thought of the future.

Kingdom from within the State

Were at the end of time.  How long is left, is not clear, yet we are moving closer to point in time where "Jerusalem will be a Cup of Poison." At that point in time the shell or klipah which surrounds the Kingdom of Israel will fall away and the Nations of the World will realize the truth.

As the State of Yisrael breaks the Kingdom will emerge whole from within it. The true King will not fall like the leaders of today.  He will lead.  He will believe in the words of Isiah:  "All the nations are as nothing before him, they are accounted by him as less than nothing and emptiness." (40:17) and we will be comforted.

The test is for us as a Nation to believe in the same words and only then can we expect our leaders to do the same.


  1. Wow! How incredibly poignant. So true, especially the second paragraph.
    Suffek is one of the most destructive forces. Clarity is it's inverse. We all need to take stock and gain insight to head into a better direction.

  2. "Leaders" of today lead us as do dogs, by proceeding the master but always looking back to see what his master does or where he turns.

    As the gemorrah says - that this generation "wears the face of a dog".

    Can't expect much, therefore, from these "leaders" who keep tapping into the polls to see which turn they should take to squeeze out yet another political sojourn.

    The scenario you hint at - that we'll see a future shedding of the klipah in Jerusalem - I remembering reading about - from a different angle - by the Previous Lubavitcher Rebbe. I translated that article here:

    Kol tuv