Part magazine, part think tank, Israel Rising is an expert backed content platform and consultancy based in Israel that focuses on event analysis and current trends that affect Israel and the broader Middle East.

Israel Rising’s suite of products are designed to help you make the right choices for your company, organization, and personal finances by helping you better understand the events in Israel, the Middle East, and in the broader region.

The Israel Rising team is dedicated to publishing quality content that relies on expert analysis, accurate sources, and a deep understanding of the events in the region as they unfold.




David Mark
Founder & CEO

David is the founder and CEO of Israel Rising. He is known as a subject matter specialist on Israel and the broader Middle East. He has developed a strong network in Israel that includes government representatives, local activists, and indigenous rights leaders in Asia, the Middle East, and Africa.

Shai Atanelov

Shai Atanelov is Israel Rising’s Director of Operations. He is an expert in search and social outreach. He has worked for years in the SEO and marketing space for large companies and ecommerce platforms.



Staff Writers and Analysts

Gavriel Dan

Gavriel Dan spent a number of years covering social movements in Israel, the wider middle east and Europe. He is considered an expert in embedding himself with various groups and causes in order to get accurate and rich information.

Orit ben Tzvi

Orit is Israel Rising's regional and threat analyst. She has a degree from IDC in Middle East Diplomacy and has served both intelligence related activities for the IDF as well as advised privately for firms doing business in the region.

Micha Gefen

Micha is a government policy analyst for Israel Rising.

Allan M. Coleman

Allan is Israel Rising's American political analyst. He holds a masters in security and political analysis from the University of Missouri.

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